Vision and Mission

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College of Pharmacy – Prince Sattam bin AbdulAziz University Aspiring, to provide competitive pharmaceutical education and patient’s care, outstanding scientific research, and effective community partnership in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


College of Pharmacy – Prince Sattam bin AbdulAziz University Working on the preparation of competitive efficient pharmacists through a distinct academic environment, promising scientific research and fruitful community partnership



Program Objectives:

  • Provide the local and national community with competitive well-qualified Pharmacists
  • Training of students to enable them to take care on various tasks and responsibilities required from pharmacists in the health care services.
  • Establishing a promising scientific research to help in solving community problems and Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Establish and implement clear quality systems  to achieve program accreditation
  • Develop the community service


  • Focus on Pharmaceutical care jobs for college graduates.
  • Emphasize that our pharmacy students exhibit the attributes necessary for success and strong competitors.
  • Recruit, develop and retain of outstanding faculty and staff member who inspire their students to pursue lifelong learning and maintain the service of human health.
  • Establish and implement clear quality systems.
  • Enabling best teaching and learning environment in which every student is valued.
  • Fostering excellence, innovation in research and achieve greater accountability.
  • Develop the community service.
  • Create variety of funding resources.
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